From cladding and glazing to concrete, waterproofing, roofing, and indoor air, RAS will:
· Assist in the development of performance specifications for green envelope systems.
· Review specifications for a Quality Assurance Plan.
· Perform mock-up tests on-site and lab.
· Perform materials testing during construction.
· Perform Quality Control acting as Special Inspection Agency.
· Perform air and water infiltration and pressurization tests.
· Commissioning Envelope for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Savings.
· Support for Turn-over transition.
· Fast track inspections and testing at once.
· Dramatically reducing unforeseen conditions by testing.
· Pre-specifications testing of different brand materials for compatibility and selecting the best      performance materials suitable for you building.
· Pre-application testing to qualify contractor’s crew workmanship.
· Quality assurance program to extend durability of restoration.
· Testing the envelope of the building for GREEN performance.
RAS Engineering stay involved for each phase of the project, from initial evaluation to final sign-off. Our focus and follow-through at every step help keep the project on time, on budget, and on target. We provide a full range of consulting services, including:

· Building Surveys and Evaluations
· Budget Reports
· Design and Specifications
· Bid Solicitation and Analysis
· Contract Negotiation
· Forensic Testing
· Construction Quality Assurance
· Project Sign-off
· Post-Warranty Testing 



RAS Engineering serves real estate developers and owners by providing advice, oversight, and testing to ensure that all components of a building’s exterior and structure meet the standards necessary to provide durability and protection from the elements.