From cladding and glazing to concrete, waterproofing, roofing, mechanical and indoor air quality, RAS will:

  • Assess the structural condition'
  • Audit energy savings opportunities
  • Measure and test HVAC System performance
  • Assist in the development of performance specifications
  • Design sustainable curtain walls
  • Review specifications for Quality Assurance Plan
  • Perform mock-up tests on-site and in RAS' Lab
  • Perform material testing during construction
  • Commissioning Envelope for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Savings
  • Integrate envelope glazing with HVAC to achieve Net-Zero Energy




RAS helps customers to understand the best course of action to achieve the best results for their project. Services include: engineering consultation, full general contracting services, effective alignment of solutions with Owner Project Requirements, testing workers proficiency, product neutrality, vertically integrated service delivery model, and a demonstration of technical and quality control processes on-site. 

RAS is able to identify the cause of problems at the root and recommend strategies and implementations, prioritizing solutions based on building science, specify materials and equipment that comply with new performance energy codes and strict quality control program during restoration.